Sales Tax….or not?

Being new to Idaho, I didn’t understand Idaho Sales/Usage Tax.  The first place I looked was Idaho Small Business Solutions (  They have a cool checklist that covers many types of businesses.  At the end, they give you an idea of licenses you will need and taxes you will need to pay.  Problem for many of us: they are behind the times and they have NOTHING on computer-based service businesses (creating websites, blogs, socal media, etc.).  I assumed, since my business model was not listed as an exception, I would liable for sales tax.

I started having my doubts after networking with other businesses who didn’t pay sales tax.  I thought they might be skirting the system, but I investigated.  I emailed the state at They couldn’t reply right away!  They said my business was in a nebulous grey area and they’d have to get back with me.  I ended up having to talk with them, and even then they had to “get back with me”.  It was decreed that my business doesn’t have to pay sales tax at the moment, but should I start selling tangible copies of anything I’m doing, that could change.