Visiting the Chamber

After I had my initial business name and plan worked out as well as my logo and original documents, it was time to pursue other’s opinions and thoughts. I visited the Nampa Chamber of Commerce.

I met Byron Talbot. I talked to Byron at some length and showed him my documents.  He was very accommodating.  He said there were a few in Nampa who were helping businesses with social networking, but that it was an underserviced field. He also suggested that I add claiming businesses on review sites such as Yelp to my service.  That it gigantically helps a business’s SEO and credentials on search engines, so I added it to my repertoire.   Byron also told me of free Chamber events that I could benefit from, supplied me the name of the local representative of the Small Business association, Irene Gonzalez, and told me about networking and training opportunities in which I needed to take advantage.  For information on the Nampa Chamber of Commerce, go to or visit them on Facebook. I would greatly recommend visiting your local Chamber of Commerce regardless of whether you intend to join or not. They are a wealth of information.