Never underestimate the power of networking through social media. Many businesses believe that once they set up a web and Facebook presence and possibly dabble in other social media, business will suddenly gravitate to them.  It doesn’t work that way.  It takes time and work.

One of the first connections I made was Socialgeek.  I found their Facebook page ( and left a note.  Within fifteen minutes, I received a reply from Hinsel Scott, one Socialgeek’s founders. I found an awesome organization.  A problem I’ve had with starting a new business is you’re given so many ideas, resources and networking possibilities that it’s hard to know which are worth pursuing.  Socialgeek is one of those.

Socialgeek works on reciprocity.  You “like” and comment on their posts and the posts of other members and help them with referrals and such when you can and they do the same.  When you have a large group helping each other, each doing their own small part, the rewards can be enormous!  What’s more, there is no fee to join or be a part of Socialgeek.  You just “show up”, be friendly and help out when you can and you’re in!

Check out Socialgeek’s website at  That’s one of the things I need to examine much more!  Lots of great info to help out small businesses as well as “Geek Spotlights” of local businesses who have been granted Geek favor.  Definitely something to check out.

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  1. Socialgeek Rocks. What an amazing group of people. I can’t wait until I’m able to be more active. I trust the people, the premise and the respect in the group. Everyone Feels Welcome. My husband is a far cry from a social person and he enjoyed our ‘hang out’ time with the group also.

    1. Yes, it is a really cool group of people. They have a lot to offer in many different ways, and I’m discovering that more and more all the time.

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