National Business Women's Network

National Business Women's Network

 The National Business Women’s Network is a worthwhile group to get involved in. Their motto is “Creating Business Relationships One Business Card at a Time”. It began in 2008 as the Idaho Business Women’s Network.

The NBWN meet  for lunch on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  For the rest of this year, it will meet at the Smokey Mountain Pizza in Nampa. I was told that the location in which the event takes place has changed occasionally, but it’s always been on the 2nd Thursday.

The group is intimate with usually less than 30 women attending, but that’s okay.  The group is friendly, they make you feel at home and it’s an opportunity to meet new people and network with the finest.

Lunch usually starts with a round table meet and greet which everyone talks about their business and what type of person will make the best referral for them.  During the meet and greet, people hand out business cards and answer questions others may have.  It is followed by a speaker or a networking game as well as the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with individuals to connect.  It is definitely a quality networking opportunity.

The National Business Women’s Network has an open Facebook page that can be found at Here.  Check them out!