Facebook Suggestions for Authors and Small Businesses

Facebook is a social network not a a business network. That is why your personal news feed is usually filled with stuff from friends and not so much from businesses you’ve liked……but that’s okay. If you follow certain steps, you can maximize the amount of people who see your Facebook posts.  Let start with what people first see when they visit your page: your Facebook cover and profile pics.

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Your cover should be changed somewhat frequently, every three or four weeks. Why? People will visit just to see what you’ve done that’s new. Cover pic changes also stand a slightly better change of hitting a person’s news feed than a regular post since it’s not something you do very often. Suggestions about your cover pic: try to get it to blend in with your profile pic when possible, and make sure that “important things” on your cover pic are not blocked by your profile pic or by the words Facebook places next to your profile pic. The dimensions are sometimes difficult to get down, but I find approximately 3 1/2″ x 8″ to work pretty well.

As for your profile pic, I look at it as your trademark, your calling card. It will appear every time you post or put a note on someone’s page. It is what you become known as, and people will recognize you from that pic. It can be a personal picture but doesn’t have to be. If you have a book cover, a picture shows your brand or something is uniquely you, use it for your profile pic. If you haven’t come up with one you really like, change it until you do. You want people to recognize your business the instant they see it. As for it’s dimensions, look for something approximately square, slightly taller than wide, and if it doesn’t fit the first time, play with it until it does. If need be, put a background behind it to make it fit. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having a pic that is noticeably cut off or a logo that cannot be read.

If you need further suggestions, visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/socialwrites, email me at socialwrites@outlook.com or give me a call at (208) 546-9257.