Cy Gilbert Photography

ImageCy Gilbert’s creative nature has led him in a number of different directions. He has been a musician, wine conneseur, instrument maker and fine jewelry designer. Since 2009, however, he has focused his life on photography.  He enjoys the art of capturing passing moments in dazzling detail to be cherished and handed down for years to come.

Cy enjoys making new friends through his photography and has had the good fortune of creating portraits for many small business owners in the area.  He also specializes in weddings and other special events as well as natural light family imagery.

You can check out samples of Cy’s work all over the web including his website at and his Facebook page at  He has also used Pinterest to showcase much of his work at  If you have specific questions, he can be reached through email at or you can call (208) 353-6300 to talk with Cy directly.