Care for Living


Victoria Savage, Nurse Savage to her patients, is an advocate for seniors living at home. Many of the reasons seniors end up in hospitals and expensive rehab and care facilities can be prevented. That is Nurse Savage’s mission.  She will enter the senior’s home and search out potential dangers as well as attend their doctor’s appointments and visit them once a week or as needed with the primary goal of keeping them in their homes and with their loved ones.  She also helps relieve the burden of care providers and gives them tips and ways to make their time with their aged loved ones as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Long term care facilities are expensive, sometimes provide substandard care, put a lot of stress on the senior and entire family and make it difficult for the family to positively interact with their loved one.  Wouldn’t it be better to avoid that situation?  Visit  Nurse Savage has lots of info and a video on her website so you can make an informed decision about the care of your loved one.  She also has a Facebook page at, and you can call her directly with questions at 208-365-8256.